Saturday, 20 January 2018

Aberdeen's rogue prosecutors want GESTAPO powers

This Monday in Aberdeen Sheriff Court, the Aberdeen prosecutors will be applying for GESTAPO-style SECRET POLICE STATE powers, to run Aberdeen like a STATE-WITHIN-A-STATE.

The Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal's Office want to add a new bail condition to make it a crime for me to try to contact any other employees of Scotland's Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service except those in Aberdeen managing my case.

Then if I dared to defy that new bail condition to make a complaint to the Crown Office in Edinburgh, the prosecutors would have their excuse to get me locked me up again as a political prisoner without even having one of their usual show trials and miscarriages of justice.

To blow the whistle on these fascist prosecutors, I have today complained to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service in Edinburgh and copied my email to Procurator Fiscal's Offices across Scotland - before the new bail condition is added. Hopefully, the Sheriff won't add that new bail condition but better to blow the whistle now just in case.


To: COMPLAINTS, Response and Information Unit, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service
CC: Procurator Fiscal Offices throughout Scotland

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to COMPLAIN about the ROGUE ABERDEEN Procurator Fiscal Office - a SECRET POLICE STATE within a state.

I am writing to alert you about the imminent attempt by the rogue Procurator Fiscal Aberdeen Office to keep their rogue operation in Aberdeen secret from the rest of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service in Scotland.

If you never hear from me again it will be because the ROGUE ABERDEEN Procurator Fiscal Summary Team have obtained the following bail condition from Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Monday - see the attached scan-in of a copy of the document which they have lodged with Aberdeen Sheriff Court which requests this bail condition

1. That the accused does not contact or attempt to contact any employees of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service by any means save for contact via the following email address:

In particular, this attempted bail condition if approved and enforced would prevent me from complaining to the Response and Information Unit of the Crown Office in Edinburgh as I am doing now.

This abuse of power threatens that the Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal Summary team would be -

* free from my ability to complain again about their incompetence and mistakes
* free to keep whatever they do in my case a secret from the rest of the COPFS,
* free to pervert the course of justice & defeat the ends of justice,
* free from all scrutiny from the Crown Office
* free to run a rogue operation doing whatever they like
* free from any review by their peers in other COPFS offices
* free from all accountability
* free from the rule of law
* free from the obligation to serve the Scottish government and the people
* free from political accountability to the Scottish Parliament
* free to enslave me
* free to enslave anyone else in Aberdeen in future with a similar measure
* free to impose a secret police state of their very own in Aberdeen

I am complaining now because this may be my very last chance to complain before I am secretly enslaved by the Aberdeen Procurator Fiscal secret police state within a state.

Yours sincerely
(Alastair) Peter Dow

Friday, 19 January 2018

I'm being terrorised into the dock of Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Monday

I'm being terrorised again by the UK royalist, fascist police state with the abusive threat of being taken political prisoner again to force me to appear in Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Monday for another of the Queen's courts' show trials and miscarriages of justice.
           Accused Details              Court Ref No             PF Ref No       Court Room
Alastair Peter DOW       SCS/2017-113346        AB17011493      Court 3

The trumped-up charge this time is

I still have no solicitor so I will be representing myself and I will be pleading "NOT-GUILTY". 😇

Sunday, 31 December 2017

I am to be prosecuted for replying to my MSPs letter

I am being prosecuted for replying, by email, to this letter, addressed to me, from my Member of the Scottish Parliament for Aberdeen Central, Kevin Stewart MSP, which I received by post.

Since my last blog post, I received a letter, with court papers in it, from a solicitor colleague of Sheena Mair's, a Miss Keidra Morrison of Bydand Defence, saying "As neither myself or Miss Mair were in a position to represent your interests at any future court dates you were advised that you would require to seek alternative legal representation".

I did try to contact both Sheena Mair and Keidra Morrison to ask them to re-consider if they might be prepared to represent me but I have had no further reply from either of them. So it looks like I am on my own again.

I would very much prefer to be represented by a woman solicitor for this case in particular. So if there is a woman solicitor out there who would like to volunteer to represent me I would be very much relieved.

So while I wish you all a very Happy New Year, I am very sad to report that, as a former political prisoner, I fear that in 2018 I will suffer again for my political beliefs, enduring further cruel threats, abuse and loss of my liberty at the hands of the Queen's (and SNP government's) police, prosecutors, courts and maybe prisons too.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Arrested, charged and bailed (again). Got some money though.

Sheena Mair

After being detained by uniformed police from my home and later arrested at Kittybrewster Police Custody Centre, the day before, I made bail from Aberdeen Sheriff Court, 24 hours ago, on the afternoon of Wednesday, 8th of November 2017, thanks to being defended by the court's duty solicitor - a brilliant solicitor by the name of Sheena Mair - and thanks to the independence of Sheriff Andrew Miller from the Crown, represented by a woman prosecutor (whom I don't know the name of) who opposed my bail and was seeking my cruel imprisonment on remand, as the Crown has previously sought to do, despite the fact that I have never been a threat to anyone.

The duty solicitor entered a plea of "NOT GUILTY" on my behalf and there is scheduled to be an intermediate diet set for 22nd January 2018 and a trial diet set for 19th February 2018 when the details and the truth will be revealed I hope. I haven't secured legal representation for the case as yet though I would dearly love it if Sheena Mair could and would take my case on but she suggested that there was a conflict of interest (I know not what) which prevented her taking my case on.

For now, all I will say publicly is that the case concerns an email which I had sent in reply to a letter I had received from my local MSP, Kevin Stewart, which email reply I also copied to two women whom I am not naming at this stage, saying only that I do respect and honour those two women and if I was given an opportunity to do so, I would wish to apologise to them both most sincerely for anything in my email which I copied to them which was not to their liking or which has caused them any embarrassment or offence. My email has massively back-fired and I regret that deeply.

The typically over-the-top response to my harmless email by the police and the prosecutors is not Kevin Stewart MSP's fault nor indeed entirely the fault of the SNP, even though Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service are governed by the leader of the SNP, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The police and courts in Scotland are part of the UK state and when they wrongfully arrest and prosecute anyone, it is ultimately the fault of the head of state, Queen Elizabeth.

Fortunately, there was some good news waiting for me when I was freed yesterday afternoon. My telephone answering machine had recorded a message from a very nice lady at the Employment and Support Allowance office at Aberdeen informing me that I am to be paid social security benefits, at the lesser appeal rate of Employment and Support Allowance, until the date of my appeal tribunal later this month.

This desperately needed money will allow me to repay some of my mounting debts and pay my bills. I wish to thank most sincerely all those who helped me out with this.

Being on bail again means I am well-advised to tone down the rhetoric of my political commentary and lower the profile of my activities generally until such time as this case is concluded. Hopefully, my normal "rampant" political service to the people will be resumed when it is safe for me to do so.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

BEWARE - March for Science Edinburgh Facebook - FASCISTS

WARNING "March for Science - Edinburgh" Facebook group is run by censorious, anti-free speech, anti-civil liberties, anti-human rights, anti-academic freedom and therefore ANTI-SCIENCE moderators.

TO QUOTE FROM "March for Science - Edinburgh"

"Amanda Boyd
Hi Mods...I wonder if Peter Dow's post, below, shoud be removed? I'm all for free speech, but this is distinctly political, (if somewhat irrational), and therefore should not be promoted here? Cheers."
Pamela Cameron
Agree. I think we do him a disservice by giving validity to his claims, which he seems to sincerely believe.

"Maria Fernanda Torres
I decided to remove it after the post was reported and after reading this post. I didn't do it Initially as I believe everyone has the right to discuss, post and reply. He wasn't using any offensive language and he wasn't spamming. This group is meant to be inclusive and respectful of people's opinions, whether we agree or disagree with these, and the idea is to promote healthy discussions. Though not too much research is needed to have an idea of his speech, many of us are unfamiliarized with him and I (personally) was waiting for a discussion to develop and see if removing it was really necessary. Given the call for it, the decision was made."

Peter Dow 17 April 23:32

I'm no Trump fan but the really dangerous threat to science and scientists in Scotland comes from the police state here which raids scientists' homes (well it did raid my Aberdeen home in 2014), seizes our equipment (my computer with all my science data) prosecutes and punishes us (£500 fine to be paid @ £20 a month) - all because the state in Scotland can do whatever it likes because there's no good head of state to stop the state running amok persecuting scientists if it wants to and it does want to whenever anyone, scientist or not, dares to use bad language, robust political rhetoric on social media (a few rhetorical political, republican, anti-Queen tweets) or published elsewhere.

So we need a good elected president who is pro-science HERE IN SCOTLAND, an elected head of state who will bring the state to heel, deliver the rule of law, guarantee civil liberties, legal human rights and academic freedom for scientists and other academics.

So it's good to have solidarity with American scientists battling against the anti-science Trump - but it would be not so good to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to scientists in struggle here in Scotland against the UK in Scotland fascist police state running amok persecuting anyone it likes including scientists doing our duty because there are in practice no legal limits here to the Queen's royalist, fascist police state.

There is no rule of law here - merely the dictatorship of some senior lawyers (which is different, honest) - so Scotland in the UK is run as a gangster police state but the "gangsters" are really just bad police officers and bad lawyers working for the procurator fiscal service or for the courts as judges. They can and do arrest, fine, jail anyone for the least controversial outspokenness.

I write as a scientist who feels like I have been persecuted for most of my life as a graduate (1982) scientist, since I finished my time as a Glasgow college lecturers, including being persecuted by science professors at Universities (Aberdeen's) who haven't hesitated to call on university managers to exclude me from the campus to exterminate my academic freedom - all because I asked some difficult questions (I was "disruptive" apparently)

I've unjustly spent time in jail or police cells - for not going for a psychiatric examination (2002) for typing comments online (2014, 2016), for simply doing my duty as a scientist and for speaking out a person of conscience doing my political duties.

It's not like I have any friends backing me up, though there was this nice and brave man Professor Jon Godwin, who did one time, which was nice.

Few will stand with me but then again, can you blame anyone for not wanting to step into the firing line alongside me? Who would want to suffer the risk of being dragged down beside me into the hell of social exclusion and being criminalised for my beliefs?

Anyway, I am very happy to stand alongside the March For Science and I wish everyone on the march all the very best.

PS. if you'd like to nominate me for the Sakharov Prize I'd appreciate that very much!




Although I joined that "March for science - Edinburgh" Facebook group in good faith and gave it my initial support, now, in the light of my persecution at their moderator's hands, I have of course to warn about the group which clearly has no principled commitment to freedom.

So this is how academic freedom at our universities has been destroyed.

Someone, in the style of the above quotes complains that someone is "too political" or "disruptive" and a polite request is made to the university managers who make a polite request to the university lawyers who make a polite request to a Queen's judge who makes a court order banning you from the premises which if you defy you can be arrested for contempt of court and if you resist arrest the police can use whatever force they deem fit and you could be KILLED by the police while resisting arrest.

It starts with a whiny complaint about nothing much but it ENDS IN A DEATH THREAT by the state against the persecuted academic.

And there's no debating this abuse of power allowed either

If you dare to publish leaflets, comment on line, complaining about your exclusion the same lawyers go to court to get gagging orders and if you continue to publish, again you are accused of contempt of court and can face arrest and death while resisting arrest.

The people running the kingdom's universities in Scotland will stop at nothing to save the face of their authorities, to exterminate from "their" campus anyone who challenges their authorities.

Yes the professors and managers who run the kingdom's universities may be educated in their speciality - scientists, engineers, architects, divinity scholars, language experts and so on.


So I find it DISTURBING in the extreme that these bad people are allowed any promoted position in Scotland's universities.

I don't mind them being students, but they do need to learn to be decent principled people first and foremost before being put in charge of anyone else.

We shouldn't have EVIL people managing anything so important as a university, but that's what I think the status quo in Scotland sadly is.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Refused sick note by Dr Adrian Crofton, Carden Medical Practice, Aberdeen

As I reported in January in this blog, I have been denied my Employment Support Allowance (ESA) by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), leaving me with no income, except my housing benefit which only covers part of my rent anyway.

I've no income at all now for food, gas, electric, telephone and broadband bills, with my savings fast dwindling. 😟

I need to appeal the DWP decision to an independent tribunal for which I have been advised I need to present fresh evidence of my fragile mental health, stress and behavioural problems, such as a new sick note from my GP.

So naturally enough I made an appointment and saw one of the doctors at my registered GPs - Carden Medical Practice / Centre - a Dr Adrian Crofton and here he is - quite a mountaineer by all accounts too.

Dr Adrian Crofton - denied me help

Crofton refused me a sick/fit note. I consider his refusal to be wrong, unhelpful and unprofessional for any health care professional and I do not wish to have any future appointments with him because I do not believe he has my best interests as a patient at heart.

On the contrary, Crofton seems entirely indifferent to my need to have my social security benefits restored. He is clearly a very heartless and a very cruel man - not what the public have come to expect from our doctors and tending to bring his employment as a doctor with the NHS in Scotland into question I might suggest.

However, Crofton got the full backing of the practice manager, Shona Alexander, who has refused to allow me to make an appointment to consult any of the other doctors in the practice to ask for a second opinion, sadly.

I wrote to Shona Alexander as follows -

Can I ask the practice to review your decision and make me another appointment? 
I have no income. I am desperately in need of a sick/fit note for my appeal.
I have been registered as a patient with Carden Medical Practice for many years and never before have I experienced such difficulties with the practice. I cannot imagine that Dr Clarke would have denied me the help that I urgently need.
Why won't Carden Medical Practice help me, one of your patients who is in desperate need?
Is the practice content to see me with no income, no money, no ability to pay my bills, struggling to pay my rent? Do you want me driven to food banks, begging on the streets and homeless? That would certainly ruin my health and likely drive to me to an early grave. 
Is hard to believe that the practice is so indifferent to my needs for social security. 
Please have mercy on your patient who is in desperate need."
But reply came there none. 😡

And it is not as if I wouldn't do anything 😉 for the fine ladies at the Carden Medical Practice if only they would get me the sick note I need to win my benefits appeal.

I'm always very happy to please the ladies for a little consideration that keeps the wolf from my door.



On the morning of the 17th March 2017, I received a letter from NHS Practioner Services informing me

"Removal from General Practitioner Lists  
We have been asked by Carden Medical Centre to remove you from their patient list because of a breakdown in the patient-doctor relationship.  
This means that you will no longer be registered with your current GP Practice after 23rd March.  
You are advised to register with another GP practice as soon as possible before the above date"
Letter from Practitioner Services

I was with Carden Medical Practice and at their previous premises as the "Queen's Road Medical Group" since I registered with Dr Geoffrey Clarke, now retired, who was a compassionate and helpful doctor, a lovely man, for more than 20+ years.

So sad that the practice's new broom have thrown me to the wolves like that. 😞

Got a sick-note, finally

Update - Monday, 27th March 2017

I got registered with another GP Practice in Aberdeen and the second of the doctors I asked there did agree to write me a sick-note, thankfully. What a relief! 😌

I'm not naming the new practice or the helpful doctor until I have a reason to do so.

The moral of the story is that with doctors, as with any other service, it pays to shop around.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Sentenced to £500 fine @ £20 a month for harmless tweets

ABERDEEN SHERIFF COURT, 21st February 2017

Sheriff Morag McLaughlin, presiding

Court 1 in Aberdeen Sheriff Court, Sheriff Morag McLaughlin informed me that she had read my reply to the Social Enquiry Report (published in my previous blog post).

I offered to speak to my points and read out -

"Deletion of posts on the internet is an expected and proportionate response to instances of immoderate language. I've always been happy to delete or moderate my tweets, posts as required on-line and would do so too for police, prosecutors, sheriffs, social-workers etc.

There was absolutely no good reason to escalate my tweets to a court case. I'm certainly going to do my part to ensure there is no repeat, co-operating with the authorities to that aim."

I then said that the Social Enquiry Report described a number of disposals and I've offered to co-operate with them so as to avoid a prison sentence.

Sheriff Mclaughlin said that she was not proposing to impose a prison sentence and I said I was relieved about that.

She said she was imposing a financial penalty and I offered to pay £20 a month and explained that now I was only in receipt of housing benefit because the DWP had decided that I was fit to go back on Jobseekers Allowance and therefore had stopped my Employment and Support Allowance; I was appealing that decision but meantime had no income but could pay £20 a month from my savings.

Sheriff McLaughlin said she was imposing a £500 fine because it was a serious breach of the peace to be paid up at £20 a month, which was confirmed by the clerk of the court and then I was able to leave the dock the way I wanted to, not in handcuffs nor in custody, which was nice.

Another court official handed me a form to fill out with details to allow them to administer the fine, name and address, National Insurance number, bank details etc, which I did and handed-in before leaving the court room.

I enquired at the Fines Office if I could pay my first £20 there and then but I was told to await a letter from the court about paying the fine.

Not "justice" certainly but as far as miscarriages of justice go, it could have been a lot worse.


Man fined £500 for Twitter threats against Queen

21 February 2017 - NE Scotland, Orkney & Shetland
Dow was found guilty

A man found guilty of posting abusive and threatening messages about The Queen on Twitter has been fined.

Alastair Dow's home in Aberdeen was raided by police after intelligence officers saw the posts made during the Commonwealth Games.

He went on trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court and claimed there was no intended threat behind the posts, but was found guilty last month.

Dow, 56, has now been fined £500 for the offence.

One tweet was said to have read: "It's not a little rest I need but to see your Queen's brains blown out and her body splattered over the ground."

Aberdeen activist who threatened to shoot the Queen on Twitter sentenced

by JOSHUA KING February 22, 2017, 6:09 am

A political activist who sparked a major terrorism investigation after posting tweets threatening to kill the Queen has admitted he is “massively relieved” to avoid a jail sentence.

Alastair Peter Dow took to Twitter during the Commonwealth Games in 2014 to say he was a “man at war for my freedom” and suggesting his “army” would shoot the monarch.

Yesterday, the 56-year-old was fined as punishment for a “serious” breach of the peace. Dow had denied the allegations made against him and claimed his messages had been “blown out of proportion”.

Police in Aberdeen raided Dow’s Hollybank Place address on July 26, 2014, responding to reports he had threatened to harm the Queen in a social media post.

During proceedings, Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard detectives set up a specialist unit to combat terrorism during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

One of Dow’s public messages said he wanted to see the “Queen’s brains blown out and her body splattered over the ground”.

Another said: “As a man at war for my freedom against the imposed monarch, I want my army to put a bullet in the Queen’s head.”

Representing himself in court yesterday, Dow said he was always happy to “delete or moderate tweets”.

“In my opinion there was no reason to escalate my tweets to a court case. I would co-operate with anything to avoid a jail sentence.”

Sentencing Dow, Sheriff Morag McLaughlin said: “I’m not going to impose jail. I think it would be disproportionate. Since this happened in 2014, there’s been nothing else.

“We will always disagree about the seriousness, but I consider it to be a serious breach of the peace.”

Dow said it was a “massive relief” that he will not be forced to spend time behind bars.

He was fined £500 to be paid at the rate of £20 per month.
Evening Express
BY RYAN CRYLE, 22 FEB 2017 06:53


A man convicted of a breach of the peace after posting threatening tweets about the Queen has been fined.

Alastair Peter Dow was handed a fine of £500 when he appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court for sentencing, having been found guilty after trial.

In one message Dow, 56, of Hollybank Place, Aberdeen, said he was “a man at war for my freedom” and he wanted his “army” to put a bullet in the monarch’s head.

Last month he was convicted of causing fear and alarm by putting offensive, abusive and threatening material about Her Majesty online.

Dow had denied the allegations and claimed the wording of his messages had been “blown out of proportion”.

He said although he composed the posts they should not have been taken literally, but seen as “rhetoric”.

The court previously heard police were sent to Dow’s address in the city’s Hollybank Place on July 26, 2014. They had been responding to “intelligence” claiming material had been posted threatening to harm the Queen.

The court heard the messages had been sent by Dow to users he had not previously met.

However, they could be seen publicly on the microblogging site.

One message stated he wanted to see the “Queen’s brains blown out and her body splattered over the ground”.

Another said: “As a man at war for my freedom against the imposed monarch, I want my army to put a bullet in the Queen’s head.”

Appearing for sentencing before Sheriff Morag McLaughlin, Dow said he had always been happy to “delete or moderate tweets”.

He went on to say: “In my opinion there was no reason to escalate my tweets to a court case. “There are various sentencing options listed in the report – I would co-operate with anything to avoid a jail sentence.”

Sheriff McLaughlin told Dow: “I’m not going to impose jail. I think it would be disproportionate. Since this happened in 2014 there’s been nothing else.”

Fining him £500 the sheriff said: “We will always disagree about the seriousness – but I consider it to be a serious breach of the peace.”